The Lions Grazed Us To Be Street, 2017

Forensic trajectory rod, concrete, asphalt,

wood, rug, brick, metal, single-channel video


Video footage and vocal performance from the motion picture Baby Boy, 2001

Additional vocal performance from the television series Underground, 2016

Musical arrangement by artist


This work is about the execution of black people in America by police and the mental exhaustion I carry

due to the persecution of individuals to whom I am

related. The use of concrete and asphalt derives from a simple idea about the physical relationship people have with the street and the metaphorical use of the word “street.”


The split opened canvas suspended by chains represents psychological tension, personal anxieties, physical harm to black bodies, and a direct correlation to the transatlantic slave trade. The double-sided canvas is covered in asphalt, wood, and metal. Inside the double-sided canvas, opening shines three former police-issued 6-cell d MagLite flashlights. The painting/sculpture is perched on a found chunk of road.