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We are currently in the process of seeking funding for our video game project, Ancestral Plane, and exploring potential venues for a traveling exhibition titled MARAUDERS. We would greatly appreciate any guidance or support you may be able to provide in these endeavors. Thank you for considering, and we look forward to any assistance you can offer. 


Thank you



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Ancestral Plane is a science-fiction /third-person action/adventure video game written and created by Johannes Barfield. The story of Ancestral Plane follows the adventures of Pilot Coaltrain, a former archaeologist responsible for returning looted artifacts and human remains to the communities in which they belong. The main protagonist Dr. Pilot Coaltrain works for an agency called PLOY, responsible for investigating artifacts and human remains within museums and personal collections to determine if they have been looted.

MARAUDERS is a three-person exhibition featuring original art by Antoine Williams, Donte K. Hayes, and (me )Johannes Barfield. Through a range of media including ceramics, audio/visual installations, wheat paste murals, and collages, along with historical African artworks and artifacts from East Carolina University's Gray Gallery collection, MARAUDERS explores themes of history, memory, ancestry, and futurism. Williams, Hayes, and Barfield's processes each involve deconstructing concepts and materials from personal and cultural archives as they construct narratives related to the African Diaspora. Creating new intertwined futures as they retrieve, conjure, and manifest the heirlooms they never received, their work combats deculturation and celebrates a new era of cultural reclamation. This exhibition is presented in conjunction with the East Carolina University School of Art and Design and College of Fine Arts and Communication.

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